PAUSE + POSSIBILITY: Befriending Transition in (Mid)life and Beyond

Hi there, I'm Paige.  Confirmed genxer and recovering spiritual seeker. Like most of my fellow genxers (and a few millennials) we are navigating a flurry of transitions - career shifts, financial realities, empty nest, relationship changes, taking care of teenagers and/or aging parents, prioritizing our health, and the list goes on.  Our nervous systems are in overdrive fueling anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. We are freakin' exhausted.

But what if there was another way? 

  • Where instead of constantly rushing, we embrace the power of PAUSE, rest, and reset.
  • Where we stop trying to fix everything and everyone and instead prioritized our own self-care, empowering us to be there for ourselves and others in a more meaningful way. 
  • Where we no longer seek elsewhere for our purpose and meaning, but connect to our intuition, wisdom, and presence within as the ultimate guidance. 
Through PAUSE + POSSIBILITY, I combine my background as an entrepreneur and decades of spiritual curiosity, daily practices, and training in meditation, mindfulness, pilates, feng shui, and ayurveda to help discover this presence in your day-to-day. Together we will discover your unique dance between doing and being. 


Think of me kind of like a (mid)life doula providing guidance and structure on how best to begin slowing down because I know it can feel counterintuitive. But through this 1:1 program, taking pause becomes a welcome pit stop vs. a panicked response.  We will cultivate a personalized toolkit of practices and resources to navigate any transition with more ease, connection, and confidence. The PAUSE modules will serve as the foundation, including:  

  • Presence as a portal to soothe your nervous system 

  • Align with your inner guidance 

  • Unload physical and emotional baggage

  • Sleep (enough said) + literally tap into your dreams

  • Embody your newfound wisdom

Program note: For those experiencing the wisdom of peri/menopause (which literally has the word PAUSE in it, begging us to slow down), PAUSE + POSSIBILITY is more of a lifestyle offering, but recommend Midi and Evernow as good starting points to address the clinical side. 


Through six 1:1 sessions, we will explore a further understanding of each of the modules of PAUSE and what resonates for you through a mix of strategic planning tools and daily practices. Each PAUSE module includes: 

  • 1:1 guidance and coaching with Paige
  • Meditation techniques to soothe the nervous system
  • Guided mini mindful movement practice to connect with our bodies
  • Journal prompts to explore connection and personal awareness
  • Recommended resources to explore for areas that inspire 

By the end of our six sessions together, you'll walk away with a toolkit of practices and resources reflective of your unique dance between doing and being. You will feel confident navigating any transition with more ease, empowerment and even joy. It's where we once again open to possibility. 


  • Pre-work: You will be asked to answer a lifestyle questionnaire before our session together to better inform how to most effectively carve out the time and space to learn to tap into that connection and presence within.We will explore the role stress plays and how to befriend it in high demand situations. 
  • Meditation:  There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to meditation (ie: mindfulness, pranayama, mantra, metta, etc), so in this module we specifically focus on mindfulness based techniques to see if it resonates for you. 
  • Movement: Together we will practice a 3 minute seated mindful movement practice to align our energy from root to crown.
  • Journal Prompt: I will provide a few letter writing prompts  to see if this particular style of journaling resonates for you. 
  • Resources: TBD, based on our session together based on what I feel will be most beneficial. 



I know this program, because I’ve been living it, especially the last few years. 

I was an 80s kid and for years I was seeking something to make sense of my spiritual curiosity and existential angst. Like many of my peers, that came everyday at 4pm, when Oprah came on TV.  Without language or tools around mental health (and likely undiagnosed ADD), my friends and I coped in the best way we making mix tapes. 

My quest for meaning continued into adulthood as I explored several practices, therapies and modalities while building businesses (check out my bio HERE). I was desperate for some peace and ease, convinced it was outside of me. 

It was only through various life circumstances that forced me to PAUSE that I realized  something bigger was always at play and were catalysts to tapping into my intuition and innate wisdom. Well that AND an excellent therapist. 

Everything ranging from the need to constantly pivot and reinvent as a serial entrepreneur, to my own mortality facing moments of a cancer diagnosis, to the recent loss of my both parents - 10 days apart from one another. 

In each of these experiences, some more acute than others, I felt embodied by a profound knowingness, peace and love to help me navigate the unimaginable. 

As a result, instead of denying or suppressing any challenge (which is how I used to roll), I’ve learned to PAUSE even when powering through would be a more logical response. Without fail, the space within the pause always provides a portal to grace and transformation that informs my life a more meaningful way. 

I created this program as a highly curated 1:1 experience where we can work within the realities of your lifestyle. I'd love the opportunity to work with you. And spoiler alert, there may be some mix tapes involved. Ok fine, playlists;-).