6 Tips For Mindful Communication

Whether you're in the workplace or spending time with family this holiday season, it's important to stay mindful when you communicate with others. Anytime we are practicing mindfulness and meditation, we are alleviating our nervous system which naturally begins to shift our brain wave activity from higher frequency brain waves to lower frequency. This literally provides more space between our thoughts which provides more opportunity to thoughtfully choose which thoughts and actions to invest in. As we do this, we become more aligned and better to express ourselves.  Here are our top tips to being mindful in conversation so we can cultivate more ease and joy in our relationships. 
  1. Express honestly. Naming our feelings for ourselves and ultimately the other if we feel safe allows the energy of that feeling to naturally begin to be transmuted so we can be more open.
  2. Speak slowly and intentionally.  By simply noticing our breath and being present with the pause between sentences can help us articulate with more clarity.
  3. Listen with full attention and try not to interrupt. It is easy to jump ahead to solving an issue or providing an answer before not even having the person complete their thought. The simple act of not interrupting invites us to be more fully present to what the person is saying.
  4. Notice your breath and body sensations.  Breathing deeply will naturally help bring focus as the speaker and as the listener. This is also a helpful practice when texting and emailing.
  5. Articulate what is helpful as a speaker. Sharing ourselves in any capacity can feel vulnerable, so be clear in what will help you feel safe and grounded.  For example, please hold questions until the end or please raise hand if you have a question, so you can finish your thought without being interrupted). On the same note, ask how you can be a good listener. For example, are you seeking to share/vent or would you like feedback/problem solving.
  6. Focus on one thing at a time (including devices). Obviously the best way to focus when we are in conversation is to turn our devices off. But we can also practice just using one device at a time when we are emailing or texting.