Pebbl Frequently Asked Questions


Which side is up? 

  • We designed it so that the embossed “Pebbl” on the shell is on the top when closed and the back when open. The Pebbl cushions are attached by magnets and are designed to be interchangeable so you can provide more cushion for either your tush or your back. 

Why do my cushions slip?

  • The magnets connecting the cushions on the back and bottom will get stronger over time the more you use your Pebbl. 

How do I attach the strap?

  • You will see chrome d-rings to the left of the hinge on the bottom shell and the right of the hinge on the top shell. Simply hook the carabiners on the straps to both d-rings.  Please note the middle Pebbl has a strap on the back that hooks onto the the top of the bottom cushion to keep it in place when you travel with the strap. 

What do I use the middle free standing pebbl for?

  • We designed the removable pebbl cushion to make your moment as comfortable as you can imagine. Use it as extra-cush-for-the-tush, place behind you to sit a bit more upright, place under the ankles if your are sitting cross-legged or legs extended, or find your own way to support your comfort.

Why is there a strap on the middle pebbl?

  • The strap is designed to hook onto the the top of the bottom cushion to keep it in place when you travel with the strap. 

    How do I attach the COVR(in) to the cushion?

    • If you ordered the Covr(in) separately or as part of The Sanctuary, you will receive 3. Simply remove the cushions from the magnets on the back and bottom of the shell.  Place the cushion by matching the wide side of the cushion to the wide side of the covr. It should easily slip on. 

    Which covr goes on which cushion?

    • They are universal so they fit on any of the 3 cushions. The “Pebbl” branded covr is designed for the middle or bottom cushion (otherwise it will be upside down if on the back). 

    Is a gentle rock on the hinge normal?

    • The patented hinge provides a sweet smidge of give as you find your ideal position - that gentle rocking is perfectly normal. For your safety and tranquility, however, we do not recommend actively rocking on Pebbl.

    How much weight can the chair hold?

    • The current model can hold up to 250-pound individual. Inclusivity of all body sizes is important to us and we are exploring different size of chairs for future production runs. 


    Do I have to sit cross-legged?

    • Absolutely not. We acknowledge that alot of people (ourselves included) have tight hips. So we designed Pebbl so you can extend your legs. We do recommend placing a pillow or bolster under your knees if you do this. We are working on Pebbl bolsters, so stay tuned! 

    Can I use Pebbl outdoor?

    • Absolutely. We do recommend placing a towel or Pebbl snug down to protect the shell and prevent sliding. We are working on an outdoor covr, so stay tuned! 

    Can I use Pebbl at the beach?

    • You can use Pebbl anywhere, however while the shell and cushions are wipeable, they are not designed to get fully wet, so if you expect wet swimsuits or envision washing the sand off, it may not be the best fit. But we are working on an outdoor covr, so stay tuned! 

     Can I use Pebbl on a bench?

    • This is actually one of our favorite uses for all those outdoor benches that don’t have back support. However, it does require a level of awareness so you don’t rock back - safety first!

     Can I use Pebbl on a regular chair or sofa?

    • Pebbl provides great intentional and physical support for existing seating environments. If using on a regular chair, please be sure it is a flat surface since Pebbl has a bit of curve. So if the idea of getting on the ground isn’t doable, you can still integrate Pebbl into your life. 

     How do I clean?

    • The shell and vegan leather cushions are designed to be wipe clean with a damp cloth. The covr, tote, and snug are all machine washable in cold separately and hang dry. 


    How do I access my Pebbl Practice digital library?

    • You should have received a confirmation email with a link to your library that is also on your order summary that came with your Pebbl. You can also access in the "My Account" link on the website (the person icon in the upper right next to the cart) Can’t find it? No problem. Email us at with your name and order number if you have it. If someone gifted you, please include their name as well. 

     How do I join the weekly live meditations? 

    • Same as above. 

     I want to share the Pebbl love, can I share with friends and family?

    • Absolutely! Join our Pebbl love affiliate program here and earn 5% commission for yourself and 20% discount to share with your friends, family and community.


    Do you have a scholarship program for people that aren’t able to invest in Pebbl at this time?

    • We always want to make Pebbl accessible and acknowledge it is a higher price point. We welcome you to email us at with your name and story as to how Pebbl can support you and you will be added to our waitlist. 

    How does the Ripples For Change™ program Program work? 

    • Creating ripples is at the heart of all we do and core to our Ripples For Change program. For each Pebbl sold, we will donate 1% to a non-profit partner. It was important for us to integrate this as a foundational component of transparency for our business. 

    More questions that you don't see here?

    Email us at and we will be sure and answer.