April Inspiration: Nourishment and Renewal

We love April for so many reasons - the onset of spring blossoming, the welcoming of warmer weather, and most importantly, a time of our favorite holiday, Passover

While we will leave the religious perspectives and formal rituals to the rabbis in our lives, for us and our family, it will always be associated with the importance of family, ritual, nourishment and renewal. Passover seders are some of our fondest memories where we would gather with close friends and family of all denominations and celebrate the themes of Passover where we are reminded  of the perseverance we all have endured and the freedom that is possible. So when it comes to applying this collective theme through our Pebbl lens, we have a few go-to resources.

  • Aromatherapy with Kate Waitzkin - Engaging our senses is one of the most practical mindfulness tools we have that embody nourishment and renewal.  However, navigating how to incorporate it into our practice can feel overwhelming and having wonderful humans like Kate Waitzkin to guide us is so important. Stay tuned for a Pebbl x Chat next month with Kate, but in the meantime, check out her resources here.
  • Apothecary Bath from Highbrow Hippie - Water is such a healing element and bath time is one of our favorite rituals.This color bath includes 10 baths made from natural fruit and vegetable pigments, mica pigments, and epsom salt. It contains a booklet of info with each color meaning and a meditation, notes on use, a pendulum, and a pendulum wheel to help you channel the color you need for healing. Shop the full kit here
  • Supporting Ukraine via World Central Kitchen - It is especially important for us as we enter Passover season that we support the incredible humanitarian efforts happening in Ukraine. While there are many vetted organizations, a World Central Kitchen is always a reliable and impactful way to support.  (more resources), and check out Shelly Tygielski (ie: @mindfulskatergirl) for ways to support beyond financially here
  • Zabars Passover Kit -   Whether you observe Passover or not, there is no excuse for denying yourself the unique delicacies of the holiday. This is a great gift for yourself or for a hostess to nourish and celebrate. Check out the kit here