February Inspiration: Compassion and Kindness

Welcome to February Pebbl family. We appreciate the metaphor of February and Valentine's Day to embrace a bit more compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others. So this month we will be exploring some practical + mystical tools and perspective to help us tap into a little more love - both from within and beyond. 

We've been so excited for 2.22 - simply for mystical significance it represents, the reminder that something bigger is at play. We believe in signs from the universe, however they manifest. And one of the most potent signs that show up for us is double and triple digits. Whether it is a license plate on a car in front of us, seeing the number 11:11 on our watch, or even a number that pops up on our phone that may represent an important date. We like to think of them as spiritual "atta girls" that we are never alone. 

In more esoteric circles that are rooted in numerology and astrology, repetitive numbers are a representation of a specific energy that can serve to help us awaken and remember our divine essence.  It can also be an angelic number representing balance and harmony.  One of our favorite mystical go to resources and teachers Meg Benedict sums it up best: 
"222 highlights balance and harmony in our relationship with others, in our inner world and with the outer world. 2022 is a year of integration and expression of our more awakened self....The 222 universal vibration creates a connection point between the human and the divine to occur. It provides the sacred feminine womb space for renewal, regeneration and rebirth."
Whether you believe in this perspective or not, there is no denying the invitation to soften, deepen and awaken to the compassion and kindness within. So let's embrace this energy together. Here are a few resources to support you this month.
  • 21-Day Meditation Series with Megan Monahan - Simply set aside about 10-15 minutes a day in this self-paced program led by one of our favorite teachers Megan Monahan. Check out our fireside chat with Megan where we explore 222 significance in more depth. You can also try Day 1 of the series here and be sure and sign up for the full 21-day series here. 
  • Feel Your Heart - No, literally feel it. We are obsessed with this technology from Sensate. Developed by physicians and tested in clinic, Sensate uses infrasonic therapy to help your body's nervous system recover from daily stresses. Their patented technology combines audible and tactile resonance to deliver immediate calm and build stress resilience over time. While we love it, so do the teenagers in our life, and that alone brings a ripple of kindness that we will take any day. Check out Sensate here.
  • A Love Story - February holds a special place in our hearts, especially for Paige who will celebrate her 9 year Cancerversary on Valentine's Day this year.  This special day will always serve as the reminder to embrace life challenges and uncertainty through a lens of love rather than as a battle to be fought- a perspective that allows us to find peace in the present moment and tap into the divine love that is ever present.  Be sure and check out our FREE Series, Mindful Resilience Through Cancer and Beyond here.