January Inspiration: Release and Refresh

Happy New Year Pebbl family. Well, we did it, we (kinda) made it through 2021. Clearly there is no shortage of new year, new you messaging running rampant around this time of year. And we get it—who doesn't want a fresh new start? But our philosophy here at Pebbl is if we got through last year while maintaining open hearts - even for a moment, then we are doing just fine.  Instead of a full overhaul, maybe we just need a bit of a refresh. With open hearts we hope to grow love and connection to ourselves and others - embracing the present moment and letting our unique lights shine! 

For us, embracing a fresh start is really a 2-step process: 1.) Acknowledging all we've been through and celebrating our resilience and 2.) Letting go of ALL that no longer serves us, making space for the "new" to flow in. 

Our hope for Pebbl in 2022 is to support you in ALL the ways including cush for the tush, peace for the soul and support on the pathway to presence and well-being. Here are a few tips, tools and resources we will be focusing on throughout the month to embrace a 2022 as a kaleidoscope of ease, joy, grace, and love. 

Our kind of movement - Let's be honest, the motivation to jumpstart a new exercise routine can feel daunting. That's why we love Yoga with Adriene. We've been following her since her beginning days and are so grateful for how she is making movement and meditation so accessible. She just launched her FREE 30 day challenge and there is still time to join. We will be taking part and hope you will join us. 

Exploring intention - Intention gets tricky this time of year as the pressure to be ultra clear on how our words, desires and actions all align. And its true, all of this matters, but it can be easy to over-intellectualize. That's why love Lumenkind mindful marks as physical touchstones that we can be reminded of throughout our day and during our practice. Simplicity is key and the practice of embodying an intention vs. just thinking about it is an important shift we will explore in our weekly LIVE meditations.  Enjoy Lumenkind promo code PEBBL for 15% your first purchase including membership boxes. Shop HERE. 

Renew You '22 with Modern ŌM - We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Modern ŌM for their Renew You '22 January Challenge. The 31-day digital challenge offers live spiritual & mindful sessions, candid panels, book club and journaling. We are especially excited to be a session sponsor with Megan Monahan (author of one of our go-to-books, Don't Hate, Meditate) on January 25th, 2022. We have limited FREE registrations with promo code PEBBL22. Sign-up HERE