March Inspiration: Connection and Celebration

Happy March! It's a big month over here at Pebbl HQ as we celebrate our one year anniversary. It's also Women's History Month, so for our theme this month we are embracing connection and celebration.

As in-person events, retreats, and gatherings begin to unfold, we are all realizing how much we missed connecting with others - even for us introverts:-) It can feel exhilarating. We've also been hearing from alot of people that it also feels exhausting, which makes sense. If we use nature as our metaphor (and you know how much we love a good metaphor), we have been like caterpillars. According to "The Story of Imaginal Cells" as referenced in Paige's book:

"When a caterpillar is inside its chrysalis, it creates a new form and structure. Unable to move, it dissolves into an organic liquid matter and forms imaginal cells. These cells are initially regarded as threats and attack the caterpillar's immune system. But they persist, multiply, and connect with each other. The imaginal cells then form clusters and clumps, begin resonating at the same frequency, and passing information back and forth until they hit a tipping. They act as a multi-cell organism embodying the seeds of future potential, which contain the blueprint of a flying creature."

Spoiler alert, we are all now the butterfly. Regardless of our intention, the past couple of years have invited more introspection and reflection. We have all transmuted to some extent. So instead of thinking of "going back" to what we knew in terms of socializing, connecting, and being with others, we invite you to embrace a shifting cadence of your life that the past couple of years brought us as you explore connection in a new way to see what is resonating and what is not. Here are a few tips.

  • Take a cue from the divine feminine - That's right, we are talking about energy here. Regardless of our gender we all posses divine masculine and divine feminine energy. At a VERY basic level, the masculine energy is associated with action, clarity, focus, logic, and structure. Feminine energy is associated with expression, creativity, dynamic, intuition, and flow. A common way to think about it is that masculine energy is about knowledge and feminine energy is about knowing. To be clear, we need both, but most of us are dominant in one or the other. Having awareness around masculine and feminine energy can provide some helpful perspective in how to bring both in balance and bring our most authentic selves into our experiences. And given we are all naturally being invited into more masculine energy simply be emerging back into activities (ie: action), it's a good cue to listen to our feminine energy. Check out these 9 Ways To Connect To Your Divine Feminine. 

  • March Playlist - One of our favorite ways to connect and celebrate is through music. We've put together a playlist that embodies our theme. You will notice that many of the tracks follow a slower cadence (although there are some oldie but goodie faster pace tracks). This is purposeful as an invitation to check-in. You will also notice some mantra based tracks which can serve as nourishing mini-meditations. Access our playlist HERE


  • Pebbl Featured on Amazon for Women's History Month - As part of Amazon's Launchpad program which features new and innovative brands, we are thrilled to be recognized as a women-owned brand for Women's History Month. As entrepreneurs, we are grateful for the women that have helped to pave the path to make our sweet Pebbl a possibility. And we invite you to share our celebration with your friends and family.  Shop the starter HERE.

  • Global Support - The global uncertainty is significant. We are following credible news sources and supporting organizations that are making an impact. Check out this list from The Washington Post. We also are supporters of Together Rising which is a tremendous organization and community that is on the front lines of so many humanitarian efforts and supporting families in the midst of those crises. Donate to Together Rising's Ukraine efforts HERE