May Inspiration: Blossoming and Joy

Never has the good ole cliche "April showers bring May flowers" been so apropos. As May kicks off, we are loving the literal and metaphorical reminder of blossoming and joy that is so obvious at every turn. Don't even get us started on the many inspirational quotes along this theme. It is a time when Mama Earth gets to show off and her teachings become visceral and meaningful as a reminder of our own resilience, beauty and the importance of leaning into the light to support us as we continue to evolve and grow. And of course May marks one of the most important holidays of all time, Mother's Day. We know it can be a day of mixed emotions for so many of us, but always an opportunity to celebrate and honor the women in our lives we love, including ourselves. Below are some tips and product picks to support our theme of blossoming and joy all month long. Be sure and enjoy 40% off all Pebbl products with promo code flow40. 

  • Joy Boosters - This is a really simple way to remind us that joy is always available to us and a popular tool for many of our workplace clients. Simply make a list of "joy boosters" aka: mindful moments to bring some ease and heart connection that you can tap into at any given moment. Keep it simple and accessible like on a sticky note or on your phone. Or better yet, download some of our favorite joy boosters here

  • Lotus Wei Flower Essences - According to our go-to source on all things flower essences, Lotus Wei: "Flower essences are liquid infusions of wild flowers that contain the bioenergetic imprint of the flowers' life force." It can sound a bit mystical, but we can validate that  these powerful healing tools are a staple in our toolkit and Lotus Wei literally guides you every step of the way. You can check out the podcast between their founder Katie Hess and Paige from several years ago here and check out their flower essence quiz to help get you started here.

  • Bloomscape - We love the idea of gardening, but seem to be lacking the green thumb gene. Which is why we are such loyal customers to Bloomscape which brings beautifully potted plants right to your doorstep. This is a great way to bring some plant energy into your home and is one of our favorite gifts to give. Check out Bloomscape here.

  • Blossoming Meditation - Grab your Pebbl and join us for a "blossoming" meditation here.