Meditation Corner Boosters

The best part about meditation is that you really don't need anything. However, dedicating a space or even corner can certainly provide a more inviting experience that can help inspire consistency. This is a big reason why we designed Pebbl to be be portable and move around with you and your practice  We've compiled a list of "boosters" to help you create a space that satisfies your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  

  • Calming Pictures  - Minted is a great resource for identifying independent artists. We also love the free and licensed images on Unsplash. 
  • Filtered Air - Molekule is one of the most popular air filters around and one of our favorites.
  • Plants or Flowers - If the thought of shopping for plants is overwhelming, Bloomscape is your one-stop shop. Also be sure and check your local florists.
  • Oil Diffuser - We love the modern look of the Vitruvi diffuser.
  • Candles - The Little Market will always be our go-to resource for simple, clean, and wonderful smelling candles.
  • Crystals - Visiting a local crystal store is always our first recommendation, but if you are looking for an easy way to get started, the Smudge Wellness 10 Days of Magical Self-Care is one of our favorite gifts.
  • Relaxing Playlist - Beautiful Chorus is a beautiful companion to any practice (whether meditation or background music to your favorite mindful activity)
  • Blanket - The Baloo weighted blanket is one of our top picks.
  • Incense - Admittedly, incense is not for everyone, but it is important to try a high quality one and Shoyeido's River Path Incense is a staple in our meditation toolkit.
  • Healing Energy - Good news, this is all you. Regardless of how you may perceive your energy, it is exactly where it needs to be and ultimately just energy in motion looking to be expressed vs. suppressed. 
  • Pebbl Meditation Chair - And don't forget your Pebbl chair and Studio Pebbl programming to support you every step of the way.