4 Ways You Can Maintain Your Meditation Posture

When designing Pebbl, we wanted to provide a comfortable chair with back support because sitting upright is an important component in setting yourself up for success when it comes to cultivating a consistent meditation practice. A common term in traditional Buddhist practices is "sitting with diginity." This essentially means that we explore a posture that allows us to be relaxed, not rigid or slouching. Sitting in this way helps us to be focused and aware of sensations, emotions and energy as they arise. Now we know what you are thinking, can I meditate lying down? Of course, and Pebbl makes a great headrest, but you will be more likely to fall asleep which just means your body is wanting that rest. 

While there are various seated postures you can explore either in your Pebbl or with some other seated support, here are 4 ways you can maintain your meditation posture. 

1. Use a meditation cushion or chair to stay comfortable. We clearly feel like back support is important which is why we designed Pebbl, but if you don't have a Pebbl, you can sit up against a wall or prop yourself up with some pillows. 

2. Tuck your chin and maintain length in the back of your neck. This is a subtle shift that will naturally invite your shoulders to relax down and away from your ears.

3. Relax your jaw. We hold so much tension in our jaws, so this simple tip can help our entire body relax. Try pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. 

4. Rest your hands on your lap. Palms up generally invites a more energizing meditation while palms down invites a more grounding practice.