Pebbl Reads: Our Top Six Mindfulness + Meditation Picks This Summer

We are big book lovers at Pebbl HQ and are excited to see some of our favorite teachers bringing book babies into the world. For us, reading is an important pillar in practicing self-care and cultivating mindfulness + meditation practices that fit our lifestyle. Not to mention, that Pebbl really is the perfect companion for a summer day read. Here are a few of our top mindfulness + meditation picks that can be read independently or as inspiration for your daily practice.

Trusting the Gold – Tara Brach 

With a background in psychotherapy, mindfulness and meditation, Tara’s talks and meditations provide life changing insight, particularly in difficult times. In this most recent book, she provides three essential pathways: “opening to Truth of the present moment, turning toward Love in any situation, and resisting in the Freedom of nonjudgmental awareness.”

Knowing Where To Look - Light Watkins 

Light tells it like it is and provides a very accessible approach to meditation based on Vedic techniques. His newest book is a wonderful companion guide to any meditation practice with inspiring and thoughtful perspective shifting essays.

Clarity and Connection - Yung Pueblo 

Yung is a powerful poet and teacher as he shares beautiful prose when it comes to deepening our connection with ourselves and each other. You will often hear us sharing his teachings in our weekly meditations. His newest book is a beautiful collection focusing on the relationships in our lives.

Radiant Rest - Tracee Stanley 

Tracee’s teachings are transcendent and we have discovered such important wisdom and guidance in her grounded approach. Her most recent book is both guide and companion for deepening our understanding around the importance of rest, stillness, and Yoga Nidra practice.

Kindness Now - Amanda Gilbert 

Rooted in accessible and science-backed mediation techniques, Amanda lives generously and wholeheartedly through her teachings based in mindfulness philosophy. Her beautiful book Kindness Now, is a 28-day guide to living with authenticity, intention, and compassion. It has been such a joy seeing her bring this book into the world.

We Are What We Eat  - Alice Waters 

Most people know Alice has the award-winning chef of Chez Panisse, but we know her as an important guide and teacher in mindful eating and the slow food movement.  This is a perspective shifting book on how the “slow food way” can be an important practice in nourishment that ultimately can champion values such as “biodiversity, seasonality, stewardship, and pleasure in work.”