The Best Meditation Apps For Your Practice

Sometimes we all need a little help in our meditation practice, so we love using apps to help guide our journey. When choosing an app, let yourself explore. If a voice or teaching is not resonating, just let yourself move on to try something else. Here are some of our favorites.


Vibrant and technical, Headspace has a variety of programs with animations that explain neuroscience principles happening in our brains and bodies.


With a variety of teachings, this calming app has soothing offerings that are primarily within the mindfulness meditation perspective. We also love the sleep stories for helping ensure a proper snooze. 

Insight Timer

This app is great if there is a particular technique or practice you're drawn to, as they have a lot of teachers and choices. 


Unplug meditations are filmed in their Los Angeles meditation studio so ideal for mimicking a class environment. It features some of our favorite meditation guides that teach on a variety of techniques. From singing bowl healing to beginner meditations, there's a little bit of everything.