Women-Run Brands We Love

We will take any opportunity to celebrate the women in our lives, and that includes women-run business. Given it is Women's History Month, we wanted to feature a few that are currently appreciating + engaging with.

Highbrow Hippie - While technically known for its nourishing space they call "The Atelier," we couldn't feel more aligned with the two founders Myka and Kadi and their mission of "creating a sense of community, self care and a way to drop out for a few hours and focus on yourself." Whether shopping for beauty, wellness or conscious living, this is one of our go-to brands for gifting. Read more about their story here

Parsley Health - Started by Dr. Robin Berzin MD, Parsley is truly shifting the paradigm of integrative healthcare in a way that is accessible and treats the whole individual to address long-term healing. Robin believes "that medicine should put nutrition, wellness and prevention on the front lines of health care, while simultaneously making care smart and data-driven to meet our needs in today’s world." Learn more about Parsley's approach here

Em and Friends - We've been long time fans of this brand and specifically their line of empathy cards which was started by its founder, Emily McDowell after her own cancer diagnosis as a way to connect authentically with people encountering "nontraditional life experiences." She has since joined forces with another women-owned brand Knock Knock to expand the brand. As an intentional result she is devoting more time to her personal well-being and projects like the podcast Quitted which we love.  Read their founder story here.

State Of - Let's be honest, none of us are getting any younger. We actually find some comfort in this being the one certainty we can all know for sure and are embracing our wisdom years with excitement and possibility. Our hormones however may have a different perspective and need some help. It is owned by Stacy London, who you may remember from the show What Not To Wear. We are just starting to explore the products, but the community and programming is providing a relatable and accessible reality that is simply refreshing (on all levels:-). Read the founder story here

Unplug - Started by a true pioneer in the meditation space, Suze Yalof Schwartz helped to bring the concept of a secular meditation studio to life in 2014. The brand has now evolved into having two studio locations, a teacher training certification and is one of the top meditation apps. Both the digital and in-person programming features some of our favorite teachers. Read more about Unplug's story here