Befriending Transition in Midlife and Beyond

A Six Week Adventure


Hi there, I'm Paige. Confirmed genexer and recovering spiritual seeker. Like most of my fellow genexers (and a few millennials) I've been through a variety of midlife transitions and know it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and freakin’ exhausted. But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

  • Where instead of constantly rushing, we embrace the power of pause, rest and reset.

  • Where we stop trying to  fix everything and everyone and instead prioritized our own self-care, empowering us to be there for ourselves and others in a more meaningful way. 

  • Where instead of constantly searching and seeking elsewhere for our purpose and meaning, we realize that divine wisdom and presence lies within.  

Think of me kind of like a doula providing guidance and structure on how best to begin slowing down, reconnect with our deepest knowingness, and discover your unique toolkit of practices and resources to navigate any transition with more ease, connection, and confidence.

Through my PAUSE program, I combine my decades of  spiritual curiosity, daily practices and training in meditation, mindfulness, pilates, feng shui, and aryuveda to help discover this presence in our day-to-day as we discover your unique dance between doing and being. It starts with:

  • Presence as a portal to soothe our nervous system:
  • Aligning with your inner guidance
  • Unloading physical and emotional baggage
  • Sleep (enough said) +  some tools to literally tap into your dreams
  • Embodying your newfound wisdom

Each week we will explore a further understanding of each of the components of PAUSE including a meditation, guided mindful movement practice,  journal prompts, and resources. 

At the end of the six weeks you walk away with a toolkit that is curated specifically for you and requires nothing outside of yourself beyond your willingness. 


My Story

I grew up in the '80s, seeking meaning to my existential angst. Without language or tools around mental health (and likely undiagnosed ADHD), like most of my peers, channeled it into making mix tapes. Surrounded by self-help and spiritual books (and of course Oprah - everyday at 4), my quest for meaning continued into adulthood as I explored various practices while building businesses. I was desperate for some peace and ease, convinced it was outside of me. 

I’ve had a variety of these pause invitations in my life that provided the realization that something bigger was at play and were catalysts to tapping into my own intuition and innate wisdom. Everything ranging from the need to constantly pivot and reinvent as a serial entrepreneur, to my own mortality facing moments of a cancer diagnosis which consisted of several surgeries and chemotherapy, to the recent loss of my both parents - 10 days apart from one another.  In each of these experiences, some more acute than others, despite the hardship,  I recall an awareness of indescribable knowingness, wisdom, and love - which I like to call GUS (g-d, universe, source). 

By the end of this journey, you'll walk away with a toolkit and new foundation feeling empowered, connected, and ready to embrace the joy and possibilities life has to offer.

Let’s PAUSE together. Set up a complimentary call below and let’s see if we are a fit. 


My Bio

Paige Davis is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and mindfulness trainer. She facilitates mindfulness, meditation, and resilience programming designed to enhance communication, productivity, and managing high-demand situations with more clarity, compassion and creativity. She’s worked with a variety of companies including Facebook, Whole Foods Market, University of Texas System, Austin Texas Department of Transportation, Vista Equity Partners, National Instruments, and several start-ups. Paige has served in a founder role for a pilates studio, one of the first social impact and B Corp brands in Texas, and is currently founder of Pebbl, creating products and programming to support you on your pathway to presence and well-being.Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Ozy, Health, and Mindful Magazine. She is a Senior Trainer and co-creator of MMI Mindful – Bringing Mindfulness To Work and author of Here We Grow: Mindfulness Through Cancer and Beyond.