Ugh To Hug: How To Stay Kind To Yourself

We come from a long line of extraordinary huggers. Our grandfather especially was never shy about always giving tips to embrace a good embrace with a full body hug. 

The benefits of hugging are known to decrease stress, improve heart health, reduce fears, and even improve communication. Through hugging, we release the chemicals of oxytocin, the feel good hormone which essentially is the antidote to stress.

But for us at Pebbl, the metaphor of a hug really is what we are all about. This idea that we are gently held, never alone, and can feel safe and comfortable despite our external circumstances (or the "ugh" moments as we refer to them:-). It becomes a thoroughfare to more ease, joy and kindness to ourselves and others. And given our monthly theme of compassion and kindness, below, we've highlighted some of our favorite tips and tools to embodying both the physical and the metaphorical hug.

    • Hold It - Yep, experts say that to get the true benefits of a hug, we should hold it for about 20 seconds. Awkard, sure. Effective, absolutely. And because we obviously love a good acronym, follow this easy guide: H: Hold on tight; U: Until you relax; G: Grow your bond. We also know that we are still living in somewhat isolated times, but no excuses, self-hugging has the same benefits. 
    • Get Support - We get that not everyone is a hugger, which is why weighted blankets have grown in popularity over the years. We love the Baloo weighted 9lb blanket (note: heavier blankets are available, but if you are new to weighted blanket life, this is a good weight to start with). They are eco-friendly, soft, and most importantly machine washable. 
    • Practice Loving-Kindness - Meditation practices like loving-kindness are known to cultivate compassion and release oxytocin. You can also check out one of our go-to guides on all things kindness and compassion, Amanda Gilbert and her book: Kindness Now: A 28-Day Guide to Living with Authenticity, Intention and Compassion. 
    • Pebbl Love -  And of course, our Pebbl chair is always here to support you in embodying that internal hug. So cozy up, grab your weighted blanket, explore our Loving-Kindness + Gratitude meditation playlist here