Pebbl Practice Session 4: Mantra

Pebbl Practice Session 4: Mantra
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Intention: Patience

Great job! You are in the homestretch now. Our intention for session 4 is patience. Even if you feel like you aren’t experiencing any benefits, the commitment you are showing matters! Today’s practice is Paige's “go-to” practice that she uses every day either as a standalone or mixed with other techniques. Let’s get started.

Daily Tip: Let Go Of Expectations

You may have preconceived notions of what is supposed to happen during meditation. The truth is, every person’s experience will be different. Being open and curious is our goal, this is often referred to in Buddhist philosophy as the “beginners mind”- an open mind free from expectations, labels, and judgments. By letting go of expectations, we enable our bodies and minds to naturally eliminate stress and allow for more positivity to fill the void left by those expectations. Instead of trying to control or judge your meditation experience, pay attention to how you feel in your life. You’ll see the meditation working throughout the changes in your life. You will likely notice that you are happier, more relaxed, less stressed, more creative, and more grateful. Moreover, it’s, even more, likely that those around you may notice shifts before you do!

Location:Car/Train/Bus (before or after you arrive at your destination)

It’s ironic, but the car is one of the most popular places to meditate for many people. Does that surprise you? For many of us, our car is a place of quiet and a controlled environment. Try working in your meditation today upon arrival, or before you leave your particular destination. And luckily, Pebbl goes where you go. So once you've arrived at your desitination, place Pebbl as your oasis on-the-go.  For those of you that commute on public transportation – Pebbl was made for this exact purpose.  We’d love to know what you think after you’ve tried this!

Time Of Day: Happy Hour

Like midday, the period between 4 and 6 pm is a natural transition point for the day’s energy. It is also an ideal time to mark the transition from work to home if you are working outside the home.

Daily Meditation: Mantra (5 minutes)

Mantra in Sanskrit means a tool to train the brain. It is an effective tool that requires only a gentle repetition and can be especially effective for those of us who have type “A” tendencies. Repeating any phrase over and over again (aloud or silently) can settle down the nervous system and create new neural pathways. Repetition in a formal meditation practice, which can involve repeating a number, phrase, mantra, prayer, or affirmation, can help train one’s attention to focus more easily on one thing at a time. If one of the previous times of day was effective for you and you are feeling adventurous, you could do the 5-minute practice at that time, and explore the longer 20-minute practice during Happy Hour or vice-versa.

*Listening note: these meditations are provided by sister website Soul Sparks. If listening on computer, simply press play. If listening on mobile device, click on the “listen in browser” for simplest listening experience.


Bonus: 5, 10, 20 minute options

Continue to grow your practice by adding time through these bonus meditations. The goal is to build up to twenty minutes daily, but try not to jump ahead until you’ve mastered five minutes consistently. It’s okay to take it slow. Remember, we are building our mindfulness muscle. Pacing and consistency is key.

10 Minute Mantra

15 Minute Mantra

20 Minute Mantra