Pebble Practice Session 5: Silence

Pebbl Practice Session 5: Silence

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Intention: Connection

Congratulations! You are officially a seasoned meditator, and you have a meditation toolkit to sustain your daily practice! While technically we have been learning new tools each day, the true work has been around our intention of the final day – connection. Through this new daily commitment, you are deepening your connection to yourself, others, and your practice. This is the key to stepping into your “new normal” where what we think, feel, and do, all align. In that spirit, let’s get started with our last session. 

Daily Tip: Stick With It!

Meditation only works if you stick to it and don’t give up. During your meditation sessions, your mind may wander, you may feel restless, have a brilliant idea, or think of something you simply must do (like check your email). Try not to give up and stop right then. Instead, begin again by gently returning your awareness to the focus of your meditation. This momentary awareness of being lost in thought is the “choice point.” It’s at this point that you have a choice: to continue your meditation, or to focus on your plans and daydreams. Make the choice to keep meditating! Have the discipline to do the practices and stick with the entire meditation period you have committed to each day, whether it’s 5 minutes or half an hour, even if you’re antsy or bored. By staying with your practice, you will create a new relationship with your reactive mind. As you let your thoughts and impulses come and go without taking action right away, you change your relationship with your mind, shifting towards witnessing your mind versus being at its mercy. This will lead you to a deeper understanding of how your mind works and ultimately greater awareness within yourself.

Location: Your Choice

Choose from your “I’ll Take It” column in your meditation tracker.

Time Of Day: Your Choice

Choose from your “I’ll Take It” column in your meditation tracker. 

Daily Meditation: Silence (5 minutes)

Silence can feel intimidating when we first start meditating, but with time, you will find that you crave it. Today’s practice will still include background music and a bell to start and end your practice. The goal is to empower you to tap into the tools you have learned over these last five days. Use this practice as an opportunity just to sit in silence, or you can try one of the techniques you loved over the previous days.

Thank you for your willingness to explore meditation. For better or worse, your awareness is heightened, and you are on your way! I hope you feel extremely proud of yourself. You have all the tools you need to sustain a daily practice. Remember that you can ALWAYS begin, exactly where you are. Be kind to yourself and keep shining!

*Listening note: these meditations are provided by sister website Soul Sparks. If listening on computer, simply press play. If listening on mobile device, click on the “listen in browser” for simplest listening experience.


Bonus: 10, 15, 20 minute options

Continue to grow your practice by adding time through these bonus meditations. The goal is to build up to twenty minutes daily, but try not to jump ahead until you’ve mastered five minutes consistently. It’s okay to take it slow. Remember, we are building our mindfulness muscle. Pacing and consistency is key.

10 Minute Silence

15 Minute Silence

20 Minute Silence