5-Day Starter Program

For the next 5-days, Pebbl will be your partner and guide. In order to track your experience and see what is resonating and what is not, we encourage you to download your meditation tracker here.  And check out the tips to get started here. Together, we will set you up for meditation success and a daily practice that sticks. 

Day One

Breath Awareness

Paying attention to our breathing is a simple way to de-stress and become more in tune with yourself. The best part? You can practice breath awareness anywhere, any time of day!

Day two

Body Awareness

Focusing on physical sensations can help you slow down, connect, and make better sense of any situation so you can be more fully present at home, at work, and in life.

Day Three

Heart-Centered Awareness

When you tap into your heart center, you open yourself up emotionally. This practice unlocks a deeper quality of compassion so we can be less judgmental of ourselves and others.

Day Four


Repeating any phrase over and over again (aloud or silently) will build your mindfulness muscle and help you achieve greater focus and resilience in high demand situations. Let’s try it together.

Day Five


Begin exactly where you are as we combine all the techniques we explored together. Oh, and congratulations! You are now officially a seasoned meditator.

Coming Soon