Creating Mindful Spaces Via Pebbl Zones

A big inspiration behind Pebbl is creating space. Sure, space within ourselves as a portal to more peace and calm, but also extending that into our physical space and homes. We often refer to Pebbl as the yoga mat of meditation because it goes where you go. So below we've shared some thoughts around creating these intentional "spaces" or mindful zones within our homes with Pebbl as our anchor. 
  • Family zone - Provides extra seating for family togetherness: Cooler weather, holiday gatherings, and unscheduled down time is the perfect way to bring Pebbl into the family fun. Whether you are puzzling together, playing a classic board game, or enjoying an indoor/outdoor fire and some family smores, Pebbl will keep you cozy and comfy. And don't forget to check out our meditation library at Studio Pebbl for some family mindfulness. 

  • Quiet Zone - Provide a quiet space for kids: Rumor has it, that Pebbl has been quite popular with the kids as a way they can claim their own quiet space (aka: pebbl pause) when they feel overwhelmed, upset or just need some alone time. So help them make Pebbl their own little sanctuary with some quiet activities like their very own slime kit, or their favorite book, or even a special crystal for when they want to take their own Pebbl pause. And no judgement if Pebbl becomes the homebase for screen time - whatever it takes. If you are a parent or grandparent to a new baby finding yourself spending more time on the floor during tummy time, Pebbl literally has got your back.