Pebbl Practice Session 2: Body Awareness

Pebbl Practice Session 2: Body Awareness

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Intention: Awareness

Welcome to session 2. Congratulations on completing your first session! Our intention for today is awareness. By simply being aware of this moment (which is all there is) we naturally decrease our worries about the future and our sadness/regret/rumination of the past. Be aware of how you feel present throughout your day. Let’s get started!

Daily Tip: Don’t Try Too Hard

Some of us are in the habit of needing to “do” something to feel satisfied and that includes meditating. You don’t succeed at meditation by trying hard. Instead, we learn to use a gentle, easy focus. As with any natural experience, too much effort can ruin the process. Have you ever tried to force sleep, only to be wider awake than when you started? What about trying to force your way through a creative block? The result can be less than your most creative work. Meditation is the same way. Cultivating focus takes practice and consistency. By engaging in meditation, our action-oriented left brain gets a reprieve as our intuitive and emotional right brain has an opportunity to be accessed in a more meaningful way. As we meditate, we encounter a more balanced approach to our brain chemistry. When we are in the throws of left-brain situations that might be stressful, meditation enables us to come up with creative and inspiring solutions in the moment. By not trying too hard, we invite a new way of relating to ourselves. After all, we are human beings, not human doings!

Location: Closet

It can seem a little strange but for may of us, our closets are our one quiet space away from everyone. So find a space, grab your Pebbl and get comfortable! 

If the bedroom was successful for you yesterday, feel free to stick with that.  If the closet seems too outrageous to you, simply make a note on your meditation tracker.

Time Of Day: Bedtime

Before Bed: In general, it is not recommended to meditate 2-3 hours before bedtime as some techniques can activate the brain. However, for techniques including breath and body awareness, bedtime can be a beneficial time. Like yesterday’s morning meditation, you will be tempted to lie down. Falling asleep is fine and simply a sign that you need more sleep. Sitting upright will help you experience the full benefits of the meditation.

If morning was successful for you yesterday, feel free to stick with that. However, you won’t know if bedtime works for you unless you try it! As a bonus, you could try today’s 5-minute meditation in the morning, and the 10-minute meditation in the evening before bed. Be sure and take notes in your meditation tracker.

Daily Meditation: Body Awareness (5 minutes)

Our focus for today’s practice is body awareness. Focusing our attention on physical sensations helps to relieve stress by shifting our attention to the present moment. If your attention drifts (and it will!), simply bring yourself back to the physical sensations. As you explore the physical sensations as they come and go, you become a witness to your body and breath, and this helps you develop present-moment awareness. Be sure and take notes in your meditation tracker. Let’s get started!

*Listening note: these meditations are provided by sister website Soul Sparks. If listening on computer, simply press play. If listening on mobile device, click on the “listen in browser” for simplest listening experience.


Bonus: 10, 15, 20 minute options

Continue to grow your practice by adding time through these bonus meditations. The goal is to build up to twenty minutes daily, but try not to jump ahead until you’ve mastered five minutes consistently. It’s okay to take it slow. Remember, we are building our mindfulness muscle. Pacing and consistency is key.

10 Minute Body Awareness


15 Minute Body Awareness


20 Minute Body Awareness